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Our aussiedoodle's name is Dexter. He was born on October 6, 2012. We are loving every minute with him as he is with us. Couldn't have asked for a better pup!

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Reply Cheryl
9:28 PM on June 22, 2013 
I do have FB!! I only have a couple of Abby on there. I need to get more posted. I will send you a message with my info so you can find me on FB.
Reply Cheryl
9:48 AM on May 30, 2013 
Hi!! Yes her eating is back to normal - dry food again! I guess it was just one of those things and we will never know what caused it. I am just happy she is ok. She looks more like Dexter now because we got her hair cut off! Boy does she look like a different dog. I love it and will keep her this way at least through the summer. Is Dexter going through another chewing stage? She is tearing into everything these past couple of weeks. We are minus a loveseat. lol. Also the bed she had for a few months - gone - tore it up! She isn't as nippy though!! Our girl is maturing! lol! We are going away soon. We will not see her for 10 days. :(
Reply Cheryl
10:10 AM on May 16, 2013 
Well Abby was not eating and drinking because the poor thing had an intestinal infection! As you know, we changed her food and water thinking she was just getting picky, but then the "poops" began. We immediately took her to the vet and she had a fever of 104. She never acted "sick" because she was still playing, etc. She is currently on 2 antibiotics. She is back to herself but now I am more paranoid than ever wondering how she got it! :-\
Reply Cheryl
9:21 AM on May 3, 2013 
Abby has lost her white on her head. I loved that little swirl too. She is showing some copper on her face. I like it!!! Is Dexter showing any copper points? Abby has brown eyes just like her brother. :-)

Clumsy Dexter! haha that was funny. Abby has had her share of wall encounters too. She will be so focussed on something then turn to run and boom right into a wall or counter, etc. I get all paranoid and want to cry and my husband assures me she is fine.

Ok, so Dexter is panter also. I was actually getting concerned (imagine that!) about her panting. Not sure when I became such a nervous nellie but I am so sensitive to everything she does!

Abby has decided that tap water is not acceptable. She was snubbing water one day, just a little here and there. The next day the same thing so we tricked her by pouring a little chicken stock in it. Then we thought "hmmm let's try filtered." Sure enough slurp slurp slurp. When your dog does not find tap water acceptable you have to wonder what the heck is in it! lol

She has also officially snubbed dry dog food. We fed her Taste of the Wild dry and she just one day began turning her head. I told you about adding gravy to it but eventually even that did not work. SO Taste of the Wild can food it is! She LOVES it. Pricey meals but she is worth it. ;-) Is Dexter picky?

We will have to try her out in daycare. I trust her at my nephew's place but am very nervous about not knowing anyone and trusting them with her at the daycare. Can you imagine me with a child??? LOL

She has also been consistent with her new wake up time.....6:00 a.m. Not so bad during the week because of work, but the weekends, blah! It doesn't matter how early or late she goes to bed - 6:00 a.m. BARK!!!!

Oh and she has been digging like crazy outside! She eats EVERYTHING!!!! Pulling bark off the tree has been her lastest adventure. Silly girl!!!!
Reply Cheryl
7:00 PM on April 29, 2013 
Do you ever hear that Dexter looks like a human? I hear that a lot and said it since day one. Dexter has those same human type eyes. I think that is another reason their expressions are more obvious.

Well you know our pups....very vocal! My guess is he definitely did NOT forget you. He was probably telling you he was excited to see you and maybe a little yelling about leaving him. Lol. Abby will bark at me sometimes when she is outside with my husband and first sees me walk out. That happens when I get home from work. Doesn't take her long to run full force and jump up on me as she pushes off to turn around for another leap! I swear one day she is going to push me in the pool.

Oh I hope Abby likes the water as much as Dexter! I loved the way you explained him jumping in. Our pool is open but we have not turned on the heater yet. I hope when we jump in for the first time she does also. I will have my camera ready!

Lol he ate half a stuffed duck! She seems to be a bit more "chewy" lately. Unfortunately my legs still are the victims. :-(. Oh her eye is ok. Something irritated it and caused inflammation. Her third eyelids are visible though in the corners....closest to her nose. She use to get a lot of eye gook but that seems to have slowed down a bit. Are the inside of Dexter's ears hairy? As you said we have fluffy bears so I am guessing they are. Abby has eyelashes to die for! Lol!

Dexter is lucky to have playmates around. I am looking into doggie daycare a couple of days a week. The process is hilarious. I had to fill out applications and she needs a test day before she is accepted. My friends are getting the biggest kick out it. It will be good for her so getting her up and on the road with me in the morning will be worth it. Maybe she can learn that nips hurt!!
Reply Cheryl
12:52 PM on April 22, 2013 
Oh look at Dexter's new picture! WOW do I see Abby in him! He is such a handsome boy! I have to go through my pictures Barb sent as Abby was growing up. I bet Dexter is in a few of them with her.

Question before I forget - have you ever noticed his "third eyelid?" Abby's almost coverd her entire eye the other morning. We went into flat out panic then I looked it up and many things can cause irritation. It was perfect after 1/2 hour but she is still going to the vet to make sure she is ok.

Miss Abby got our nephew's birthday gift the other day and even managed to open the card. lol Our fault for leaving the office door open! We have been testing her being alone while we are either a) outside or b) in another area of the house. She has been fine. I realize that probably is not the best test because as you know with Dexter, she is smart enough to know we are around. We just have to make sure everthing she loves to try to steal is not within jumping or pawing reach. She got the remote the other night when my husband fell asleep on the couch. Many buttons are missing now! Speaking of pawing, does Dexter paw at you a lot? I think it is adorable but not so much when it is too hard and we end up with a nice scratch down the cheek! She was being a bit nippy the other day and she could tell by my husband's voice that she pushed it. He sat on the sofa and she jumped up, laid on his chest, and slowly started licking his face and head as her paw was on his cheek. It was quite precious! lol I can't get that stern sound in my voice for some reason. She knows it too and walks all over me - not literally - attitude wise! haha

As for Dexter pulling during walks, you should try a gentle leader head collar. Abby doesn't like it at first, but gets use to it quickly. You will be amazed by the results. He will not want to pull because it will pull his head back. Look it up, you will see what I mean. Definitey worth a try!

Dexter does get a lot of baths! That is good though because he will be a pro and never give you an issue. Abby is due for another professional grooming. Her face and beard are getting a bit out-of-control. I do love the long wavy hair though. Maybe before summer we will get her cut down a little more to help with the heat.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Dexter is lucky to be staying with his grandparents!! I can't wait to hear if they have any funny stories for you. He is almost 50 pounds! I wonder how big he will get. When Abby goes for her eye check she will get weighed again. I'm guessing low 40's. She also eats three cups a day. Lately we have been adding a little chicken or beef stock to her food because little princess was being a bit picky. ;-)
Reply Cheryl
10:00 AM on April 15, 2013 
I can't believe Dexter got the tentacles off the Wubba!! He IS a strong chewer! Aw Abby loves her kong with peanut butter also. She manages to get peanut butter on her beard sometimes. lol Yes aren't the slobber toys lovely when placed on your lap? Abby has started something new with me. When I walk she hooks her paw around my ankle to get my attention. She doesn't do it to my husband though. It is cute until she decides the hook is not enough and I feel that little herding nip!

We had to put up some fencing to block the rubber mulch and garden. Hopefully one day she will not want to eat everything she should not be, but in the meantime her days of rubber mulch are over. I know I probably worry too much about it, but all of that just can't be good for her.

Abby listens well also when we want her to come in. I know Abby does not like if we get out of her view. It sounds as if Dexter is the same way. She may be a little hesitant if she found something of interest and will look at us as her nose is in the ground, but when she senses we will walk in the house without her she comes running.

Abby didn't whine when it stormed. She barked and growled looking outside then just went nuts inside with her playing. I guess that is better than her being scared. I would hate to think if it stormed during the day and her being scared. We went out for a couple of hours Friday after work. She was out of her kennel in the afternoon for a few hours and back in for literally 2 1/2 hours. Our social life is still not the When we returned, her pillow was destroyed. Her bed survived the attack though. To see her in her kennel laying in a mountain of fluff was hilarious. I guess that was her way of telling us she did not appreciate us going out!

I will have tell Abby that her brother does not jump on counters. I am always telling her things about him. lol. She jumps up, we tell her off, she gets off, sits there waiting to be rewarded for listening and jumps right back up. I think that is our fault for being so quick with treats. I know they have to learn to listen without being rewarded with a treat every time. She is the queen of treats. The supplies we have for her is just insane! We will definitely try the cookie sheet with a can full of coins. Knowing Abby though, she will just get mad and bark and nip us. haha.

You are lucky that Dexter sits patiently and waits for you to get him out of his kennel. Abby sleeps all night but between 6:30 - 7:00 she lets out a bark. If we don't respond within 5 minutes she will let out 2 barks. That is when we know she means business. She is more patient during the day when we come home from work. She doesn't start barking or whining. She just lays there with her head in the middle of her paws and watches us approach her. Then when the door opens...LOOK OUT!

I am thinking you smell Dexter's breath. Did you ever smell his fur? If that doesn't have an odor then I would say his breath. The only time we smelled an awful smell from her is when she was eating bully sticks. They are so wonderful for chewing and kept her occupied but the smell just got the best of us. They caused her face and paws to smell awful. That is when we switched to the bully slices I told you about. We got Abby 2 weeks before Christmas and since then we have given her 3 baths and she had 2 dones professionally. I also use grooming wipes for her feet, beard, tear crud and butt when needed. haha. Abby doesn't like to be brushed either. I have to do it when she is tired or has a chew in her mouth. She gets a lot of "good girl" "you are such a pretty girl." She does go after the brush though. I use a "brush and detangle" pin brush. The bristles are plastic. It works well. I think our dogs are going to require a lot of grooming - at home and professional!
Reply Cheryl
9:25 AM on April 11, 2013 
"Hobby of nipping" made me laugh! Abby doesn't really chew her toys apart. Whenever she has a ball or toy in her mouth she wants us to throw it. HOWEVER, she will tear apart anything that has a tag, stray string, etc. She always wants what we have in our hands and is obsessed with paper towels. Actually, any type of paper. We also have to be very careful with sponges because she will eat them. Abby has a toy called "Kong Wubba" and it is very durable. You may want to try that for Dexter since he is a strong chewer. If you get it, please let me know if it becomes his next victim. :-)

I laughed when I read that Dexter will eat everything outside instead of playing and running around. We will play fetch with her then she will go off on her own and start eating everything. She always goes straight for the rubber mulch. From there she will grab and munch on anything she can find. She is also into digging then eating the dirt/grass which causes that "beard" on her to get extremely dirty. It makes me nervous when she eats that stuff but I know that is what dogs do. Hopefully they will outgrow it and only eat what they should be eating. Oh and good luck getting something out of her mouth. She clamps down so hard there is no way of getting her mouth open. We have to stay calm, grab a treat and say "do you want to trade?" It works every time!!! Staying calm is difficult for me sometimes when she has something that can hurt her. :-\

Does he jump on the counters? She is always jumping up to try to steal things from the counters. We say "OFF" so much it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. We had bad storms last night and she didn't like it at all. Between the storms and full moon it was quite the challenging night! Literally every minute she wanted our attention and if we didn't give it to her, well you know what happened...NIP NIP. haha.

By the way, have you noticed that Dexter never has that "dog smell" even when wet? I read that is because they don't have an undercoat and have hair not fur. I am still amazed by it and LOVE IT!!!! :-)
Reply Cheryl
8:35 AM on April 8, 2013 
Abby really has not been around many children. She was around my niece and nephew at Christmas time, but other than that, not really. Her jumping and excitement right now would make me so nervous! My nephew is 4 and my niece is 2. We probably should start that soon though. How sweet that Dexter will just lay by the 2 month old! His protection instincts kicked in! She gets very excited when friends come over and does the run, jump, push off their body with her front paws. She hurts the men

Yes, Abby knows "toy" and "ball" and will mouth you as you are trying to throw it until she realizes "ok they are definitely playing with me." She is such a challenge sometimes! lol

Does Dexter's eyes get red when playing hard? Also, does he have a very dramatic yawn - mouth and sound? We have been watching and listening to Abby yawn for how long now and it still makes us laugh. Drama Queen!!!

Aw you got him to cuddle at least one night! I still think he will become a cuddle as he gets older. What about when he is chewing on something edible. Does he want to be on you? Abby will do that with my husband. She is definitely more attached to him (as you can see from the pic, haha) so she will literally chew whatever she has at the time on him or stands on him and places it on his head.

It is great being able to talk to my nephew about these phases. He is quick to tell us that some of her habits are our fault though. We treated her too much like a human baby when we got her so now she knows what she can get away with (nip nip nip for attention..haha) so breaking those habits will take time. Especially now that she has entered her adolescent stage! Here is a little clip of an article a read:

"I announce to my puppy classes that they shouldn't think their work is done just because their puppy is five or six months old. Quite the opposite: adolescence is a challenge, both for puppies and their people, and the real work is just beginning. "

Lovely huh? lol! ;-)
Reply Cheryl
3:48 PM on April 6, 2013 
I am still laughing at "shark tail". I love that trait on her! I think their markings are so pretty. She gets compliments from everyone and of course the biggest question "what is she?" When we tell people what she is and the combination they are amazed. Our dogs sure are unique! She was even my nephew's first Aussiedoodle to train!

She is shedding a little. I think it is a combination of losing their puppy fur and weather. Her hair doesn't stick to anything or come out when we pet her. We will find a clump on the floor somewhere. It is nice to have a dog rub against you and not leave a coating of hair. Lol. Is that how Dexter is?

Abby also sleeps in her kennel at night and goes in when we are gone during the day. We have special treats for that time of the night and day so she always runs right in! We notice, especially at night, that she wants to go in. I really think that is the only time she can fully unwind and relax. I know if we are with her just hanging out around the house she will not relax, we pretty much have to give her full attention. Thank goodness we don't have children. Lol. Maybe that is what is going on with Dexter. They really are such high energy dogs so maybe when he is not confined when you are not there he is finding things to keep him busy. We will eventually start doing that with Abby. She loves to chew way too much for us to trust her yet! We have a few things that will need to be replaced when this phase ends. By the way she got a few spots on our walls too. Chewed to the steal beam. Crazy pups!!

I read a lot and our pups are entering the stage where they will test us. Great huh? Lol. Speaking of....HAPPY 6 months Dexter and Abby!!! Will you get Dexter fixed? Abby had her procedure in the middle of March. We got one night of freedom! Haha.

Yes their daddy is very busy! Lol. He really must be a great dog. I trusted Barb from day one. Never did we think we would see a picture on the Internet of a pup and fly them home!

Oh back to Dexter's chewing. If you have not already, look into Red Barn products. All made in the USA and some very good bones with filling that will keep him busy for awhile. Also their bully slices are great too. We are constantly search for long lasting chews for her so she doesn't use our arms! Lol
Reply Cheryl
8:22 PM on April 4, 2013 
Dexter is such a handsome boy! I love the white on his face and that swirl on his head is still defined. Abby's swirl is kind of fading away. They seem to have the same type of body - long back legs. I think that is what makes her look so graceful when she walks - kind of a prance type walk. OH the pouncing!!! She does that too! Isn't it adorable! We have only had her face trimmed up so she can see and a "sanitary" trim. She is pretty much fur and looks like a different dog when wet! She is not a fan of baths. She whines a bit and tries to get out so I actually have to get in the tub with her to keep her semi calm. I know a bit spoiled but I can't help it! ;-) I am sure before summer she will get a better cut then she will really look like her brother!

Abby was not much of a snuggler at first so maybe Dexter will surprise you and want to cuddle some day. :) Again she will only do it when SHE feels like it. No forced snuggling! haha. But I would take the no snuggling over the nips at this point!!!

Abby was listed as "Jordy" after her daddy! Did you get to meet their parents? If so, how would you describe their personalities? We are in Ohio, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. so Abby had to fly the friendly skies to get here! By the time I found Abby there were only two left. Her and I think the boy's name was Corey.....?

How is Dexter's chewing? She left some serious marks on a lot of our furniture and now her quest is the carpet in our dining room. Good thing we want to pull it up and replace anyway! I just think her energy is so high and if we can't entertain her every minute she will try to get into something! But as soon as 10:00 p.m. comes, she is done for the evening and will sleep until about 6:30-7:00. OH how is Dexter when you tell him "no?" Abby will not have it. As soon as we try to correct her she goes into brat confrontational mode. It is actually funny because she will bark at us as if arguing.

I told her we found her brother and her head was tilting to the side. :-) She, like her brother, did enjoy the snow so much. She would put her face in it and get low and run as if she were going through a tunnel. I am so happy the snow is finally gone though!

I feel as if I have so many questions for you! LOL!
Reply Cheryl
10:26 AM on April 4, 2013 
Awe yes your Dexter is a big boy! Our vet said he thinks Abby will maybe hit 40 pounds. Dexter sounds so darn sweet! She loves to play as well - constantly! We are so happy the weather is getting nicer so we can walk more and hang outside more. We have a pool so we are hoping she loves to swim! Abby's personality is strong but first impressions of people a little timid until she feels them out. She is a barker and when she doesn't like something her barks sounds as if she is pittbull! haha. It is amazing, as you know, how fast she learns commands. She truly is a pleaser. My nephew is a trainer and told us that she is "sometimes too smart for her own good." She is a snuggler, loves being near us all of the time, but yet independent. You are so lucky Dexter is not a nipper! We are trying hard to break her of it. She knows we don't like it but as my nephew said "she knows you don't like it, but she doesn't care." Thank goodness it is not all of the time and only when she wants our attention. Guess she got that strong herding gene from her mama! I'm so very happy to find a sibling of Abby! I am going to post a new pic of her and my husband so you can get a better idea of her size. P.S. what was Dexter's name on the website?
Reply Cheryl
8:45 AM on April 4, 2013 
Hi Heidi! Dexter! I love his name and they do look alike! We just weighed Abby the other day and she was 34 pounds. How big is Dexter? Abby has been such a joy. She is so smart, loving and learns things so fast BUT sure does like to nip at us when she wants attention! lol - Is Dexter a nipper?