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Hello All!

I adopted my Huxley in September 2013 from the 07/21/13 litter (Silvee-mom & Jordee-Dad).  I couldn't possibly love him more.  He's absolutely gorgeous (obviously I'm not the least bit biased ;)), SUPER intelligent, affectionate, and more than I could've ever hoped for!  He has learned each and every command in 5-10 minutes max and was unbelieveably easy to crate and potty train.  Now, at 5 months, when he need to go out to potty he just comes and sits in front of one of us and stares up at us.  If we don't notice him and let him out within a couple of minutes he'll move to the other side of whomever he's sitting in front of and just stare at you and wait until you take him out.  It's really quite cute.  His one and only mischievous behavior (so far) is that he likes to eat rocks so we have to keep a close eye on him whenever we let him out for potty breaks in the back yard.

Everytime we take him out in public, especially to Petsmart, we get stopped by 90% of the people we pass commenting on how gorgeous he is and asking what breed he is.  Not one person I've come across here in CA ha even heard of an Aussiedoodle including the staff at Petsmart but they all love him!

Thank you so much Barb for being such a fantastic, involved, caring, and kind breeder and for making the adoption process so incredibly pleasant and smooth.  Also, I can't thank you enough for giving me the greatest gift I've ever received!  I couldn't possibly love him more! You're the best!

Kindest regards,


(Huxley's Momma)

P.S. Would love to hear from my fellow Aussiedoodle owners about their fur babies!  I'm especially interested to hear how big yours have gotten.  Huxley is 5-1/2 months and 36 lbs.  Trying to gague how big he will get.  I love big dogs, so the bigger the better.  Barb estimated 50-60 lbs but since he's 36 lbs at 5 months I was thinking he might bet I though I'd see how big all of yours were around the same age?

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Reply Barb D
10:15 AM on August 14, 2016 
Chelsea: How are you and Huxley doing now? Do you have any recent pictures? My Maggie is 6 now, and she the smartest dog I have ever owned. She is still 55 lbs (since she was 4) and still loves to stay active. I'm in Michigan, but will be wintering in FL this year--till April. Hoping she does fine for the trip down there. Enjoy your doggie.
Reply Vega
2:29 PM on October 5, 2014 
Hi Huxley and Chelsea - I think we are brothers from Jordee and Silvee, born 7/21/13! You are in CA and I'm in Florida! Vega
Reply Katherine And Sailor
11:44 AM on February 24, 2014 
Cheers Chelsea!

I have Bentley from Orlando's brother Sailor.. and we live in Minneapolis. Had I only read this earlier! Sailor and I spent over a month in central California for Jan/Feb. Sailor will be 2 years old on Thursday, and is weighing about 65-lbs. You're right.. there dont seem to be many ADs in California. We were constantly stopped for people to admire him. :-) - There's a lovely "Aussiedoodle Lovers" community page in Facebook that Susan (Bentley & Jaxson's mama) and I are a part of. Great to get steady information specific to our pups - and to see how much in common they share with other ADs. Plus, I love it when I can see what brother Bentley is up to!! :-D
Reply Huxley
12:51 PM on February 19, 2014 
Thanks everyone for all of the great comments! I had no idea anyone had even commented. I thought it would work like FaceBook and send you an email or alert of some sort when you received a comment.

All is going exceptionally well with Hux. His rock addiction seems to have subsided (thank God), so we can now let him out in the back yard unattended. At 6 months, when we had him neutered, he was 42 lbs and his vet estimated that he would reach 65 lbs. I have not measured his length or height but, after reading your posts, I'm now curious and plan to measure him tonight.

His color has lightened up a bit since he lost his puppy coat and he has a slim silver streak going down his back. Even though he's been through puppy training, and did exceptionally well, his one bad habit is jumping on people, especially strangers in Petsmart (so embarrassing)! Just got him a new Gentle Lead head halter that seems to be helping some.

He is not allowed on my bed or furniture (though when he's at my dad's house he allows him to get up into his recliner with him), but every night and morning we have cuddle time. I'll lay on the floor and he'll lay all over me and if I put one arm out he'll lay with his back next to my side so I can pet him and scratch his belly. I think I enjoy it just as much, if not more than, he does!

All in all he's just perfect (minus the jumping) :-)
Reply Bentley
7:09 PM on February 6, 2014 
Hi Chelsea, My name is Susan and I have Bentley and Jaxson. Bentley mom Nikee and dad Jordee. Jaxson mom Darcee and dad Jordee. Bentle is almost 2 and weighs 70 lbs. Jaxson is almost 5 months and 25 lbs. We live in Orlando, Fl. Bentley loves the dog park and enjoys swimming. Jaxson a bit shy, but learning to be social from big brother. They get along quite well and love to take rides in the car together. Tell me about Huxley? Hope to hear from you soon.
Reply Buster's Mom (aka Cindy)
8:10 PM on January 31, 2014 
Hi Chelsea: Great picture of Huxley. NIce to hear from a fellow Californian. People down here also as so interested when I tell them his breed, and like you have yet to have anyone say. "oh I know that breed". Anyway, Buster will be 2 at the end of February and weighs in at 53 pounds. From the floor to the top of his back (over his shoulders) he is 24inches tall. He has the longest ft legs, on a dog, I have ever seen. :). He is a constant source of entertainment for me. These dogs all seem to have such good dispositions. I have tow cats and on chilli nights I will catch them all snuggled up together. He is my heart.
Reply Barb D
5:20 PM on January 29, 2014 
Chelsea: Love the pix of Huxley. My Maggie is 3 yrs, 4 mos.--born 9/10/10. She is about 55 lbs. She's 3 feet long, and 27 inches high at her back. She was extremely easy to train also. Potty trained in 4 days. She can go 10-12 hours now without going out. She sleeps on the floor, but will visit her crate once in a while to just chill out. I can leave her a long time without worry. She is fine in and out of a crate when she visits the day care kennel. I couldn't be happier with her. I will try to post a new pic of her, jumping her agility jumps and tunnels. She is going stir-crazy now, as we have had brutal below-zero weather in Michigan, and she can't get out to play. They certainly are an intelligent breed. Couldn't be happier
Reply Kali
8:09 PM on January 28, 2014 
Kali is 4 months and 33 lbs. Her vet thinks she will be about 55 lbs. She is from Peachee and Jordee's litter. Interestingly, Kali also likes to play with rocks. She is a great dog and so smart. I have signed her up for puppy training classes at Petsmart. Her only bad behavior is jumping on people, but she is a puppy and just gets excited. However, since she will be a big dog we need to correct this sooner rather than later.
Reply Merlin the Magic Man
9:59 AM on January 9, 2014 
Hello!!!...soooo funny how these dogs all seem to act so similar, my Merin will sit in front if you too when he wants to go outside, but if you don't pay attention to him he'll tap you with his paw... He also does this when he wants you to throw his ball, get a treat,come up on the couch to snuggle...pretty much whenever he's not getting your undivided attention! He will be 2 at the end of March and weighs in right around 65lbs...perfect size for me!
Reply OscarDoodle
8:05 AM on January 9, 2014 
HI "Huxley"! It is so fun to read fellow Aussiedoodle owners describe their babies. This breed seems so consistent in temperament and personalities. Our Oscar is 1 1/2 years old now and we absolutely adore him! He is 55 pounds of love and affection. A true blessing to my family. I laughed at your description of how Huxley asks to go outside because that is exactly what Oscar does. He just stares with those big brown eyes like he's talking telepathically to me.